ReceivershipsAttorney Matthew L. Taylor has been appointed numerous times to act as a receiver in California Superior Court actions. These actions have included business disputes, probate matters, judgment collection, and rehabilitation of substandard housing under California’s Health and Safety Code. In this capacity, Matthew Taylor has operated businesses, sold real estate, rehabilitated houses, and sold deeds of trust.

In addition, Matthew L. Taylor also represents receivers in California Superior Court receiverships. In that capacity, Matthew L. Taylor handles the interaction between receivers and their appointing courts, and the parties to the litigation, and creditors. Matthew L. Taylor represented receivers on over 100 actions since 1995 and has worked with Superior Court receivers on general equity receiverships as well as rents and profits receiverships, judgment collection receiverships, family law (divorce case) receiverships, and substandard housing receiverships.

 Areas of specialty in California receiver law cases include:

  • Discharge Motions
  • Motions for Instructions
  • Court-Approved Sales of Real and Personal Property
  • Public Auctions
  • Motions for Appointment of Attorney
  • Interim Fee Approval Motions
  • Final Fee Approval Motions
  • Defending Receivers from Claims and Lawsuits

Attorney Matthew L. Taylor has been a receiver and/or represented receivers in Superior Court actions in southern and northern California, including Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, San Mateo County, and San Francisco County.